Chetan Bhagat 6th Novel release dateUpdated 26th June 2013

Their is a bad news for Chetan Bhagat fans as no novel is releasing in 2013. The 6th book which was previously schedule for Diwali 2013 is now postponed to 29 June 2014. He confirms on twitter by tweeting “400 days to book 6″ which sets end of June 2014 release. Below is the image he tweeted.

Chetan Bhagat 6th book tweet

Chetan Bhagat is an Indian bestseller author who shared some details of his next book on twitter.It’s a another love story to release by Diwali 2013.

Chetan Bhagat 6th Novel Release date: Diwali 2013 29 June 2014

Abour Chetan Bhagat 6th Novel:

It’s a new sentimental love story.Below is the image that he tweeted on twitter.
Chetan Bhagat new 6th novel tweet info