Lose A Kilo A Week book by Nishi GroverLose A Kilo A Week fitness book by Nishi Grover.Nishi Grover is a dietician with over 30 years of experience in the fitness and nutrition industry. She has had over 700 clients and a clinic in South Delhi.

Release date: Early September 2012

Price India: Rs 250(Buy Lose A Kilo A Week here at 30% off save Rs 75)

About Lose A Kilo A Week:

The definitive guide on losing weight quickly.

What do your best friend’s wedding, a beach holiday, and the coming of summer have in common?

You got it. It’s the need to knock off those extra kilos and get into your hottest avatar. And if you think that’s an impossible task after all the fruitless diets you’ve been on, well you’ve come to the right space.

Thirty years of experience under her belt and a clientele of 700 Dilhiwallahs (who swear by her) later, Nishi Grover has finally put out the bible for weight loss. If this diet doesn’t get you into your favourite pair of jeans in a month, nothing else can. Simple, logical, and result-oriented, Lose a Kilo a Week follows a few key mantras – time, portion, quality, and mind control – which will get you ship-shape in no time. Packed with handy tips, diets, and charts that track your weight loss over the weeks, this is the definitive guide on losing weight quickly.