My Encounter with IIT JEE By Arpit AgrawalMy Encounter with IIT JEE: The Story of Preparation by Arpit Agrawal. It is an inspiring book for clearing IIT JEE.

Release date: Mid May 2013

Price: Rs 150(Buy My Encounter with IIT JEE)

About My Encounter with IIT JEE:

All the aspiring IITians are in for a treat as we bring to you the most captivating and awe-inspiring book ever my encounter with IIT JEE by the Arpit Agarwal. This book is a riveting saga of an ingenious boy who had the acumen to duel the difficult entrance exam of IIT and clearing it with flying colours and thereupon experiencing a strenuous journey as an IITian.

What could be the best way to introduce this masterpiece to the country, other than to join hands with the leading publisher and the most renowned name in the field of the IIT JEE Arihant Publications . Arihant acknowledges the need for this book to reach the masses so that it can guide the budding aspirants with accurate step by step tips and techniques ranging from the misconceptions about IIT to the new patterns, time management, revision schedules, parental guidance, emotional equilibrium and many other necessary details .

Arpit has taken out the undisclosed secrets of success from his bag and Arihant is proud to bring those secrets to you in the form of a book which is bound to act as a bible for every person aspiring to become an IITian, one day.