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How to Dress for Your Wedding – The Groom’s Guide

Be the Best Looking Man You Can Be

At the end of the day the goal of your clothing is to help you be as good looking as you possibly can be. Your wedding is a special moment, and your appearance should be as well.

Your outfit should be a classic example of whatever style you’ve chosen. Tuxedowearers will want to be a textbook image of black-tie style – suits wearers should be fitted perfectly and ornamented with a carefully made boutonniere.

I emphasize classic not because I want you to dress like your grandfather (which actually might not be a bad idea) but rather I don’t want you to timestamp your wedding photos. In the same way many of my female friends can time-date a picture based of the height of their big hair (think late 80’s and early 90’s), going with a trendy look is just that – trendy. Instead opt for suit styles and silhouettes that are timeless.

The Classic Two Piece Suit: Modern Elegance

A simple two piece suit is often the simplest and most striking option for a groom.

13274229703_8cf0e8e57e_oFancier options like tuxedosand morning coats are often rental-dependent in the United States unless a man and all his wedding party happen to own formal dress clothing already.

They also come with rules of style that many men may not be entirely familiar with.

If you want the men in the wedding to look sharp, are on a strict budget, and wish to avoid risking a faux pas – stick to the single breasted men’s suit.

Also, you don’t need to purchase a new suit for your wedding if you already have a simple, solid-color suit in charcoal gray or dark navy.

This may sounds strange coming from a man who sells clothing for a living, but these dark formal colors are entirely appropriate for a wedding day and many men will be just fine using a suit already in their wardrobe assuming it’s in excellent condition.

Worn with a white or other light colored shirt and a simple tie, a dark solid colored suit gives a man an understated elegance that pairs well with most bridal styles and fits the importance of the occasion. By the same token, if a new suit is needed it’s never a bad purchase. The new suit, assuming a quality garment is purchased, remains useful after the wedding as a piece of dress clothing ready for business or other semi-formal occasions.

The Solid Colored 2 Piece Suit

13294781163_8636f4d799_oThe best wedding suits are a charcoal gray suit or deep navy blue suit, although lighter grey, khaki, and blue suits have their place in the summer months and at exotic locales.

Avoid brightly-colored suits as are novelty item and too gaudy for a wedding unless you are getting married in Vegas. In that case email me a picture.

In the United States we have a bad habit of planning our weddings around specific color themes. I realize that most of the grooms reading this have little control over this, but if you can resist.

The Wedding Day Dress Shirt


Looking your best — the goal for the big day — is about getting the details right. A clean white dress shirt is a solid and formal choice for a wedding day. Patterns are fine for the audience and the groomsmen, but you want the formality of a solid colored shirt.

Light shades of blue, off-white, and cream are acceptable as long as it doesn’t clash with the brides dress. Remember that your shirt collar is going to be in every picture you’re in, so make sure it fits.

If you decide to skip the necktie (see below) make sure you are wearing a dress shirt with a collar whose points stay out of your way. A medium spread is a solid choice here, and consider dress shirt collar stays to ensure the points do not fold.

Lastly don’t underestimate the importance of an undershirt on your wedding day — you’re going to be sweating and it’s better to have a layer of extra protection.


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