Table No 21 DVDTable No. 21 DVD movie starring Tena Desae, Paresh Rawal, Rajeev Khandelwal and Asheesh Kapur.This movie is directed by Aaditya Datt and comes in drama category.

DVD Release date: Early March 2013

Price India: DVD – Rs 299(Buy Table No. 21 DVD)

Blu-ray – Rs 599

About Table No. 21:

`Table No.21` – A Live Game with only one rule: “If You Lie, You Die“.

This movie revolves around a couple who live a mediocre life and are thrilled to have won a vacation to Fiji and their excitement increases when they get a chance to play a “Tell all Truth“ game for a large sum of money. The game begins and the couple discovers that they`re not just playing for money but for their lives.