The SSX an Video game by Electronics art.The game was announced a year back but finally it’s release date is announced.And it’s near around sony playstaion vita release date.Surely this may dissapoint you, but still this may be a perfect valentine gift.

SSX Release Date India:

The SSX release date has been announced by Electronic Arts.It is 14th Feb 2012 across north America.So we can expect it to be released in India by the end of feb or march.Stylish snowboarding reboot SSX will be landing in 2012.If you are more curious to be notified with it’s actual release date, subscribe below(we notify you).

ssx deadly descent game release date india

Watch Demo Of SSX Deadly Descent:

Have a look at demo trailer of SSX deadly descent.

PS:The specs and feature of SSX is still to be announced, be sure to subscribe above.